CodeFluent Entities: new version and new pricing

Discover or rediscover what CodeFluent Entities can do for you !

We have added always more features for an investment that we made accessible to everyone. Our new build has been announced recently on the product blog.

Now, for only $599, one can generate any model, whatever the complexity and size (we have customers with models beyond 600 entities). Fo the price of about a day of development, save weeks and keep yourself the fun part.

We also recall you that non-commercial usage of CodeFluent Entities is TOTALLY FREE (personal or academic usage). So get your personal license now and test by yourself.

Discover the graphical modeler, an unique tool on the market, that includes for example the “solar view” as illustrated in the screenshot below:


And take advantage of all the advanced producers (multi-databases, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint) and of all official “aspects”: ready-to-use features taking charge of multilinguism, full-text search, etc…using the full-featured Ultimate license priced at $2499. There are no add-on charges for extra producers any longer.

The SoftFluent team

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