CodeFluent Entities is now used in more than 80 countries!

We typically refrain from posting product-related information on this blog and created a dedicated blog for our CodeFluent Entities product.

Still, we share here some major milestones for our product in terms of roadmap and we are proud to announce that CodeFluent Entities is now used in more than 80 countries.

We recently added a world-wide customer map on our web site showing all CodeFluent Entities customers:


The map is built in real-time, once a day, and circles are drawn using data from our activation database.

There is one circle per country, and its size and color depends on the number of activations per country. This means that what we show on this map are countries where actual developers used CodeFluent Entities at least once and not just visited our web site (we have visits from more than 160 countries, almost the whole world).

In the end, the map shows that, as of today, CodeFluent Entities is used in more than 80 countries!

Considering the fact that our international strategy really began about a year ago with the creation of the personal license and the fact that the end of the Beta phase for our Modeler ended in October 2011, this is really a good start!

We are still working on conquering the other 80 countries but let us keep some work for 2012 Sourire

Thank you to our customers and the happy developers that trusted the product!



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